In a previous post I made reference to the term “passive income”. That and the term “financial freedom” are probably the most overused, misused and subsequently misinterpreted 2-word phrases bandied about on social media today.

On the subject of financial freedom, it’s usually touted as either some distant destination that requires complex processes or a degree to achieve or it’s achievable ‘right this second’ in exchange for your email address. You have to laugh at the latter, but still they try 😉.

Financial freedom is in fact a simple concept that is relatively easy to achieve if people understand it’s true meaning, are prepared to learn some simple skills then put in the time and effort to put those skills to work.

When broken right down to its simplest definition financial freedom means…

Earn enough income from assets or systems to cover all living expenses!

That’s it!

So if it’s that simple why is it that, for what seems most people, it becomes a life long struggle to conquer?

Enter conditioning and mindset!

Being in a world where the norm is to work 40+ hours a week to earn income to then spend on the day to day running costs of life, over an extended period of time the mind is conditioned to believe that cycle to be the most effective or only way to ‘make ends meet’.

Unfortunately the ends very rarely meet which causes people to get into debt which then causes frustration, or worse, but the work/debt cycle continues nonetheless. Why? Because, again, it’s believed to be only way.

The plain fact is that, as described in the definition above, financial freedom is a lot closer than people think and today it’s never been easier to create asset or systems based income that in time will create that financial freedom.

My hope is that this post finds its way to those who have a burning desire to break free from the ‘making ends meet’ trap and at least start looking into an alternative for themselves and the people they care about.

But remember…

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” ~ Henry Ford.