Being in and around affiliate marketing, direct selling and network marketing for decades and watching my business flounder time and time again left me frustrated, to say the least.

Companies start off with great intentions, great products & services but most eventually have to reinvent themselves because they can’t sustain their business with limited or outdated offerings. One particular company has just done so and has lost many dedicated people because of it.


Constant Change Because Of Inadequacies Causes Confusion That Stops People Dead In Their Tracks!


Luckily with my experience I saw it coming more than a year ago and stopped building in that company.

My goal has always been to build a business in affiliate marketing or network marketing that would sustain itself without constantly having to “fill the leaking bucket”, so to speak and in doing so create a lifestyle for not only myself but for others, like me, who are prepared to put in the work but are tired of eventually having their dreams ripped out from under them.

Finally I can earn money from anywhere at anytime without ever selling a limited or outdated product line. Reminds me of the term ‘future proof’. And after growing it now for 6 months, some of the reasons I am actively promoting The Cash FX Group are…

100% passive income, meaning once its set pu it pays out without having to touch it!
The company has paid out profits (with zero trading losses) on time, every time.
Profits are paid out on demand – you choose when.
No more home meetings or convincing people to buy redundant products that end up piled up and not used because the compensation plan requires it.
100% online with a laptop, tablet or mobile phone and an internet connection.
We learn from successful people who have actually achieved what they are teaching.
Members can earn exactly what I earn without them ever having to talk to anyone else… that’s an industry FIRST and a VERY BIG DEAL!

If you’re looking for a hassle-free side-income or if you’ve been searching for THAT opportunity that won’t leave you treading water with nowhere to go you might have just found it… and I’m both proud and excited to be the one who told you about it!

Check it out here.

And you can drop me a line to learn more here or message me on social media below.

To your success!

Tony Scarcia | Entrepreneur・Networker・Connector

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